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Improve your office Air Quality


Plants naturally improve the surrounding air and are great to look at (P1)

Uncomfortable air ?

Ever been in a position where the air around you felt heavy and odorous? That may have been an irritation as a result of polluted air within a confined space. While the immediate effect may be discomfort, its long term effects on health can be more grave. 

Indoor Air Quality is largely influenced by the level of carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and high particulate matter. VOCs are found in everyday materials such as paints, paper towels and grocery bags. In excess concentrations these compounds can be detrimental but when minimized you can boost productivity within your workplace.



Individual wearing a mask attempting at removing a vent on ceiling

Indoor air pollutants can have a long term impact on your health (P2)

Regulating Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality can be regulated through the provision of a central air conditioning system, and is common in medium and high-rise buildings.(1) These systems enable control over air quality; filtering out undesirable gases, compounds and dust particles.

These systems can be supplemented by plants. Research documented by NASA in the 1980s proved that house plants were capable of absorbing these unpleasant gases found indoors.(2)  So why not opt for a greener and more sustainable alternative?

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