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Endoscopies in Sri Lanka


Post operative care at a hospital (P1)

Overview of Endoscopic surgeries

Endoscopies are minimally invasive surgeries. The term laparoscopy has recently become a buzzword synonymous with endoscopic surgeries. However it is important to know that laparoscopy is a type of endoscopic surgery done in the abdominal and  pelvic cavities.

Therefore the term “laparoscopyis used by general surgeons and gynecological surgeons to refer to endoscopies in their fields. Minimally invasive surgeries in these two fields have become well established in sri lanka. As a result laparoscopic appendectomies (removal of the appendix), and laparoscopic cholecystectomies (removal of the gallbladder) are now common in many hospitals in the island. In gynecology, laparoscopic ovarian cystectomies (removal of ovarian cysts) and other investigative procedures have also become standard

Endoscopic procedures are also common in the areas of (Ear Nose Throat) ENT and Orthopedics. On the frontiers of surgery, endoscopic surgeries include thoracoscopic surgery (endoscopic surgery conducted in the chest area of the heart and lungs) and endoscopic neurosurgery which allows surgeons to operate in the brain without cutting out brain matter. 


Four doctors and nurses smiling

Few doctors from the practice (P2)  

Laparoscopy in Sri Lanka

There are only a few premium laparoscopic centers in the government and private sectors. Amongst these are Kalubowila, National Hospital, Sri Jayawardenapura, Ninewells, Nawaloka, Lanka Hospital, Durdans, and Asiri Surgical. The hospitals have units that specialize in different areas of laparoscopy. However, advanced laparoscopy is only performed in a few selected centres due to lack of expertise, equipment and training. This needs to change as laparoscopy is the future of surgery and it’s important to keep up with these advancements.

For patients, knowing which laparoscopic surgeries are available to them along with the associated benefits of such surgeries is important. However, patients need to remember that when undergoing a laparoscopic surgery, it is also necessary to sign a waiver for an open surgery, in case of any complications that may necessitate this. It is therefore essential for patients to consult their doctor and make a decision based on the advice given. 




P1. Ninewells Hospital, 3rd eye productions 

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