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Cleaning and Maintenance of Office Spaces

Manager - Access Realities

Consultant : Dulip Peris

Manager - Access Realities


Cleaning of common areas (P1)

Providing a clean and functioning environment is necessary for a productive workspace. The cost for this can be divided into two parts; 


Maintenance fees 

This covers the servicing of shared amenities such as lifts, lights, and air conditioning. As well as the cleaning of common areas. Before signing up for a long term tenant agreement, make sure your landlord has installed quality fittings,  employed the necessary skills, and has the right management practices to maintain the building. 

According to Access Realties, who have successfully managed Access Tower 1 for the last 20 years, their success is rooted in good management practices. Some of these include;

  • The Utilization of a computerised maintenance system
  • Weekly maintenance for the air conditioning, plumbing and electrical circuits done by maintenance engineers
  • Bi-Monthly check up of the Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems
  • Monthly service for lifts 


Hiring of maintenance staff 

Maintenance staff can be hired on a permanent or part time basis depending on your needs. While more sri lankan companies are encouraging employees to make their tea and wash their cups. It is important to remember that unless you have good policies in place regarding the maintenance of shared areas and utensils, having a part time cleaner will not be sufficient.

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