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3 ways to assess your daily office travel


Traffic Congestion in Colombo (P1)


Traffic congestion

Costs incurred by your workspace are not only paid with money but also with time.  This makes travel time an important factor when picking a work location. 275,000 vehicles enter the city on a daily basis.(1This congests roads and makes travelling difficult, especially during peak hours, when people commute between work and school.

One way in which you could better your employees motivation is by introducing flexible working hours. And have them avoid travelling in during peak hours. This would help reduce travel related stress, especially for employees living further away from the city. Check with your landlord if utilities such as air conditioning are available outside standard office times to allow you to do this. 

car park

Coloured lights show drivers which spaces are available (P2)


It is necessary to be able to provide adequate parking to both employees as well as clients who visit your office. Most office spaces offer limited parking to tenants (~1 parking slot/ 1000 sq ft). A parking space in the city center can cost you up to Rs.10,000/month. Securing a location with easy access to nearby parking will help you save both time and money.

office lifts

Waiting for the lift (P3)


Waiting impatiently for a lift is something you’ve probably been through at some point in time. This may have happened because you were late, and the building had an inadequate number of lifts. Making time pass nail-bitingly slow. Ask your landlord what the Round Trip Time (RTTof your office lifts are. The RTT is a complex calculation involving the speed of the lifts, the speed of the lift doors, the amount of entry and exit floors, the capacity of the lifts, and number of people working in the building. This should give you the number of minutes you spend nervously waiting for your lift to arrive!

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