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Lighting the mood


The right lighting can help you DO MORE but Glare from windows can performance (P1)

An increasing amount of research is being conducted on the influence of light and scenery on the overall health and wellbeing of people. Within an office space these factors can be attributed to both internal (artificial) and external (natural) lighting conditions.


office building corridor  with bright fluorescent lights

Bright white light strains the eyes and increases fatigue when exposed to over long periods of time (P2)

Artificial Lighting

White fluorescent light is common in many office buildings. These lights have a higher intensity of blue light. While it is known that blue light promotes wakefulness by mimicking daylight. This may not be the best choice for your workplace. The right lighting has the potential to not only set the tone of a space but as confirmed in a Norwegian study; the full spectrum LEDs in office spaces showed a decrease in health complaints and improvements in productivity. Especially when working long hours.(1)


modern office setup with both natural and artificial light

The correct lighting can energize the workspace (P3)

Natural Lighting

Daylight is an important source of lighting that is generally under utilized. Research indicates that an increase in daylight illumination levels from 250 to 500 lux, can increase workplace performance by 13%.(1)

However, it is important to note that while maximising daylight you reduce the glare coming in. Windows emitting glare have been associated with a reduction in worker performance by 15 - 21%, as proven by multiple mental function tests.(2)

Another factor on worker performance is having a pleasant view. In field research employees with access to a pleasant view were found to perform 10-25% better on tests of mental function and memory recall as opposed to those with little or no view.(3)  While you’re desk may not provide you with the view you need, a break to enjoy a pleasant view has been shown to improve productivity and reduce eyestrain.  To find out more about this and other hacks that you can implement to improve your productivity click here.

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