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Reducing the noise and keeping it cool at office


Excessive noise can affect productivity and the emotional well-being of employees in the workplace (P1)

Noise in the transforming office

Open office spaces are redefining what an office is in many ways. Although communicating with your team without the hassle of moving around might sound exciting, it also facilitates higher noise levels that disrupts concentration.

Increased stress levels, reduced productivity, and the inability to multitask can be attributed to high noise levels.

A study conducted by the University of Sydney indicates that the lack of privacy in open office layouts has been the greatest concern amongst employees.



plants in office

Plant screens also bring the room to life, literally (P2)

Plants as sound screens

While acoustic glass and sound proof partitions can be used to control noise levels, another alternative is indoor plants. They are natural absorbers of sound and are capable of reducing noise through absorption, deflection and refraction.

Larger plants and pots containing more compost/ soil work well to

absorb noise. However using a mixture of differently sized potted plants has been shown to be most effective at reducing sound.

Plants screens will not only substitute acoustic panels but these screens also be improve both both visual comfort and indoor air quality.(1)



working in hot conditions

The importance of thermal comfort (P3)

Keeping it comfortable

Thermal comfort is also an important aspect for workplace productivity. Sustaining a temperature between 22 to 26 degrees celsius and ensuring humidity does not surpass 70% is proven to increase productivity.(2) The best way, however, to ensure your employees are comfortable with the temperature is by speaking to them regarding it.

A 2004 Cornell Study in Florida recorded a 150% increase in productivity when people worked in warmer temperatures within their comfort range.(3) Thermal comfort can be optimized through an efficient central air conditioning system which will give you control over the humidity and temperature levels in your office.  

Additionally, performance glass, and certain glass tints help reduce heat near windows. This ensures a consistent temperature throughout the office and prevents having to reduce temperatures to offset for the heat coming in from the windows. Which results in uncomfortable temperatures for everyone. To find out more about central air conditioning systems click here.

Although it may be difficult to put a finger on the ultimate determinants of productivity, creating a suitable work environment is key to ensuring your employees are satisfied and motivated!

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